Gefion Group

GG Development 3 ApS

ISIN:Senior (SEK: SE0010101873, NOK: NO0010798515,
EUR: NO0010798523) Junior (SEK: SE0010101881,
NOK: NO0010798598, EUR: NO0010798606)
Coupon p.a. (%)10% / 18%
Payment:Semiannual payment year 1, thereafter on redemption
First issue date:2017-07-25
Maturity date:2019-03-25
Maturity (months):20
Extension/early redemption (months):(+6/-8)
Coupon date:25 January, 25 July
Issued volume: DKK 140 m
Trustee:Intertrust (Junior)
Intertrust (Senior)

Niels Juels Gade 9-13 Holding Aps

ISIN:Senior (SEK: SE0010636407, NOK: NO0010811730,
USD: NO0010811748) Junior (SEK: SE0010636399,
NOK: NO0010811714, USD: NO0010811722)
Coupon p.a. (%)10% / 15%
Payment:Semiannual payment (senior)
On redemption (junior)
First issue date:2017-12-12
Maturity date:2019-12-12
Maturity (months):24
Extension/early redemption (months):(+/-6)
Coupon date:12 June, 12 December
Issued volume: DKK 185 m
Trustee:Intertrust (Junior)
Intertrust (Senior)

GG Amager Strandvej Holding ApS

Product:Block trade
ISIN:EUR: DK0030405857
Coupon p.a. (%)12% (with a step-up of 3 percentage points per annum 12 months after the issue date)
Payment:On redemption (Payment-In-Kind)
First issue date:2017-12-29
Maturity date:2019-07-05
Maturity (months):18
Extension/early redemption (months):(-6)
Issued volume: EUR 2,7 m
Max volume:EUR 11 m
Trustee:Nordic trustee

Oliebladsgade 8 Holding ApS

ISIN:NOK: NO0010826910, SEK: SE0011415348,
EUR: NO0010826928
Coupon p.a. (%)10%
Payment:Quarterly payment
First issue date:2018-07-04
Maturity date:2020-07-04
Maturity (months):24
Extension/early redemption (months):(+/-6)
Coupon date:4 October, 4 January, 4 April, 4 July
Issued volume: DKK 40 m

Gefion Group Holdco ApS

ISIN:NOK: NO0010834286, SEK: SE0011788272,
EUR: NO0010834302
Coupon p.a. (%)9,5%
Payment:Quarterly payment
First issue date:2018-11-07
Maturity date:2021-11-07
Maturity (months):36
Extension/early redemption (months):(+/-12)
Coupon date:7 February, 7 May, 7 August, 7 November
Issued volume: DKK 320 m
Max volume: DKK 400 m

GG Engvej 155 Holdco ApS

ISIN:NOK: NO0010836505, SEK: SE0011923044,
EUR: NO0010836513
Coupon p.a. (%)9,0%
Payment:Quarterly payment
First issue date:2018-11-29
Maturity date:2020-11-29
Maturity (months):24
Extension/early redemption (months):(+9/-6)
Coupon date:28 February, 29 May, 29 August, 29 November
Issued volume: DKK 145 m

GG AMS Holding 2 ApS

ISIN:NOK: NO0010841257, SEK: SE0012167401,
EUR: NO0010841273
Coupon p.a. (%)10%
Payment:Quarterly payment
First issue date:2019-02-07
Maturity date:2021-02-07
Maturity (months):24
Extension/early redemption (months):(+12/-6)
Coupon date:7 May, 7 August, 7 November, 7 February
Issued volume: DKK 130 m