JOOL, which was founded in 2010 and comprises JOOL Capital Partner AB and a number of subsidiaries, offers a wide range of financial services to companies and individuals. Its core business is to bring together healthy companies in need of capital for growth strategies, such as acquisitions or construction projects, with financially strong investors and institutions. These services enable issuing companies to accomplish their strategies while investors are offered an attractive return on invested capital. To date, JOOL has structured and completed over 170 debt and equity financings across the Nordics, with a total value of over SEK 14 billion.

JOOL is continuing to see a strong transaction market, and a number of our clients are expressing a need for additional liquidity.


Revenue: SEK 223 million (2021)

Number of employees: 60 (excl. Hubins AB and Pecunia Asset Management Ltd.)

Registered office: Gothenburg

Auditor: Deloitte, KPMG

Founded: 2010

Part of the JOOL Group since: 2010