PropTech Farm

PropTech Farm is an investment company focused on young growth companies in the field of property-related technology, known as “proptech”. This concept encompasses a wave of technological and digital innovations in the property sector that focus on optimising the way people search for, rent, buy, sell and manage property. The company’s management has extensive experience from key positions in the sector and an extensive network of partners, accelerators and co-investors. The management also has well-established links to South-East Asia which can be used to accelerate promising Nordic proptech companies into the Asian market.

By investing in promising proptech companies at an early stage, and by actively accelerating and participating in the company’s development, PropTech Farm sees the potential for high growth and value development over a 5–7 year investment period. JOOL Invest is a majority shareholder in PropTech Farm via subsidiary JOOL Capital Partner AB.

The PropTech market remains strong, and we have a number of investment opportunities to analyse and consider.


Number of employees: 3

Registered office: Gothenburg

Founded: 2021

Part of the JOOL Group since: 2021