Barkonsult is a Swedish company that imports, manufactures, and markets professional bar products and drink utensils from Europe, the USA, and Asia. Barkonsult has a series of products developed for those who want professional equipment, whether for a bar, restaurant, or home.

Barkonsult has helped elevate the overall experience in bars, restaurants, cafés, and homes for over 30 years. The company was founded in the 1980s by Jan Lövgren and Bo-Henrik Jakobsson, who saw the need for a better range of bar equipment in Sweden and began importing equipment from the United States. The business grew rapidly with an everincreasing range of products. The company is currently represented in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, and Madrid.

Christian Lindblom has been co-owner and CEO of Barkonsult since 2023. He has 24 years of sales experience and 18 years in the beverage industry in Sweden and internationally. Christian previously worked as Manager of National Key Accounts and was nationally responsible for chains, wholesalers, and significant customer groupings at Galatea, one of Scandinavia’s leading beverage suppliers.


Revenue: SEK 167 million (2022)

Number of employees: 30

Registered office: Stockholm

Founded: 1984

Part of the JOOL Group since: 2022