JOODIN AB is the parent company of a group active in the painting and flooring industry. The company was founded by Martin Odin, Sebastian Jakobsson and JOOL Invest in 2020. CEO and principal owner Martin Odin has over 25 years of experience in the trades industry and leading positions in the field of painting and flooring. The company’s clients include the public sector as well as private property companies, building companies, housing associations and private individuals.

JOODIN is affiliated with a number of industry organisations, and the group’s subsidiaries follow common policies and procedures for quality, sustainability and the working environment. The company is pursuing an active acquisition strategy with the aim of establishing JOODIN in a number of Swedish locations.

We are looking forward to seeing the end of these contractual barriers, as we are aiming to establish ourselves in additional locations and grow organically in existing companies.


Revenue: SEK 38 million (2022, annum)

Number of employees: 29

Registered office: Gothenburg

Founded: 2020

Part of the JOOL Group since: 2020